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Painting Hosaqami replica totem, Victorai
In the spirit of reconciliation
  • Settlers and first people agreed to share the land 150 years ago

  • We can still honour that agreement today, working together

What you can do

  • Become informed

  • Join the MAWG team

  • Make your voices heard

  • Donate

   If you find Indigenous issues to be baffling and confusing, you’re not alone. Federal politicians and bureaucrats have had 50 years since Indian Affairs became a government department to address the vexing issues facing Canada’s Indigenous people. It’s reasonable to say most fair-minded Canadians are not impressed with the results. If we want meaningful change, it has to come from us—the first people and settlers.

   Reconciliation cannot happen without us.

   There are a number of ways you can become involved. The first and most important is to become informed. You can become part of the MAWG family by signing up for email alerts. And you can make your voice heard as part of Our Voices series.

   And of course, you can helps support MAWG's mission by making a donation.

Become informed

Become informed about Treaty annuities and what modernization means.


  • Start with first facts. These one-page docs hit the important points about what you need to know to get going. Share them with your community, your organization, your leaders. Watch the videos to hear our team's voices. Share the links.

LPS front cover S.jpg
  • For the big picture, there’s a book for this: Let the People Speak by Sheilla Jones. It is intended for Canadians who don’t know a lot about Indigenous policy issues but who would like to make sense of it all.


  • For policy wonks and those who want more in-depth information, check out the Backgrounders.

Join the MAWG family
  • Stay informed about special reports, releases and events with email updates.

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  • Become a MAWG partner (for organizations, non-profits and businesses). Contact our MAWG team.

Make your voices heard

We want to hear what you—first people and settlers—have to say about modernized annuities.

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