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We want to understand the real-world effects of a modernized annuity on FN families, FN communities…

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Covid 19 Statement

The Covid-19 pandemic has clearly identified the most vulnerable populations in our society, including Canada’s First Nations people. As a revolutionary but practical solution to that vulnerability, MAWG is advancing a modern annuity as a means to empower First Nations people to choose for themselves how they want to live and be governed.

Sheila North

former Grand Chief of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak (MKO) and co-chair of MAWG

"I see the winds of change sweeping our homeland as our demands for respect and honour are finally being heard."

Ed Schreyer

former Governor General of Canada

"That Treaty annuity payments remaining frozen at $5 after almost 150 years is clearly an unconscionable absurdity."

Wayne Helgason

recent special adviser to the federal Minister of ESDC

"Modernized annuities could lift a great many of Canada's First Nation children out of poverty, not just in FN communities but in cities, too."

Sheilla Jones

Author and co-chair of MAWG

"There can be no reconciliation until ordinary First Nations families are empowered to decide for themselves how they want to live and be governed."

News and features

Sheila North (left) and Sheilla Jones (right) sign copies of Let the People Speak: Oppression in a time of reconciliation

REVIEW: Winnipeg Free Press, February 15, 2020

Let the People Speak by Sheilla Jones

Replay: Let the People Speak (18:20) introduces the key ideas presented in the newly released book on Indigenous politics, Let the People Speak, including the necessity of modern-era first people and settlers coming together to rewrite our relationship, in the spirit of reconciliation.

CBC Sheila Canada Day image.JPG

By Sheila North

CBC, July 1, 2020

Dear Canada, dear Canadians,

You are beautiful. True, north, strong and free. So why are you mean, so ignorant, rude and hateful?! Not all the time and not all of you.

By Sheilla Jones and Sheila North

Toronto Star, December 23, 2019

The origin of a potentially ground-breaking step toward meaningful reconciliation between Canada's first people and settlers can be laid at the feet of Métis leader Louis Riel. Literally.


APTN National News on Facebook

With Sheilla Jones, Sheila North, and APTN host Melissa Ridgen.

September 6, 2019

LPS S S on APTN sept6.19.jpg

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Sheila North and Sheilla Jones book launch

Interview: Moment of Truth, ELMNT FM

Host: David Moses, with guests Rosanna Deerchild host of Unreserved. Plus Sheilla Jones author "Let the People Speak: Oppression in at Time of Reconciliation" along with Sheila North. Also, Caroline O'Neill interviews Paul Manly. Aired February 25, 2020

MAWG is working with coalition partner,

the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg,

to explore the implications of a modern annuity.

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