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Our Partners

   In the spirit of reconciliation, the Modernized Annuity Working Group (MAWG) is allied with our partners to evaluate modern annuities as an innovative option for empowering First Nations families. Stronger families build stronger communities, and that benefits all of Canadian society.


Social Planning Council of Winnipeg, founded in the turbulent year of the Winnipeg General Strike in the spring of 1919, has a deep history of providing community leadership to address inequity and improve social conditions through research, engagement and action. Respecting the diversity of wisdom, experience and ability present in its community, SPCW works to ensure all voices are heard.

   SPCW works to advance social issues with partnerships that include Make Poverty History Manitoba, Basic Income Manitoba, Restorative Justice Association of Manitoba and more.

   SPCW respects and supports the 94 “Calls to Action” of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and aligns itself with actions, ideas, and movements that seek to redress the harm already caused by colonization and prevent any further systemic oppression or injustices to Indigenous Peoples.



Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg has, since 1994, been Canada’s sole urban Aboriginal political organization advocating for a self-sufficient, healthy, vibrant urban Aboriginal community, where families and children are ensured a good quality of life through equal opportunity and choice, so that Aboriginal people are a part of all things.

   ACW is a founding member of the Winnipeg Indigenous Executive Circle that formally brings together the executive directors of 18 organizations that support the city’s urban Indigenous population. Its members, along with ACW, include Ma Mawi We Chi Itata Centre, Ka Ni Kanichihk, Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Centre of Winnipeg, Native Addictions Council of Manitoba, Ikwe Widdjiitiwin, Thunderbird House and more.





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