Our Partners

Working together

   In the spirit of reconciliation, the Modernized Annuity Working Group (MAWG) is dedicated to providing an innovative option for empowering First Nations families. Stronger families build stronger communities, and that benefits all of Canadian society. This is a big project we're tackling, which is why we welcome partnering with corporations, non-profit organizations and other groups. Working together, we amplify our strengths, deliver stronger programs and expand the outreach of our respective organizations. We all benefit.

Become a partner

Partnerships take different forms:

  • [non-profits and organizations working with MAWG in the community]

  • [corporations, businesses and foundations providing financial resources]

How we can support you


Being actively involved in reconciliation in Canada is a vehicle for meaningful social investment that reflects well on corporations and non-profits. We can:

  • Work with you on initiatives that most effectively support your organization’s objectives

  • Connect you with community thought leaders

  • Provide social media engagement with our supporters


How you can support us

The Modernized Annuity Working Group is exploring a new and innovative idea that puts meat on the bones of reconciliation. It's a big and exciting task, and you can support us by:

  • Financial support for programs and events

  • In-kind contributions to programs and events

  • Sponsorship of specific activities (e.g., video production, workshops)





Mandate #4: To establish a national forum for ongoing respectful dialogue that integrates a broad spectrum of voices and perspectives.

To become  a partner

   For more information on how you can become a MAWG partner, send your email inquiry to partners@mawg.ca or send a request using our Contact form.