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Honouring the Treaties
  • Robinson and Numbered Treaties all included annuities

  • Annuities were intended as a livelihood support

Treaty medal blank 1873

Who we are

Our mandate


   The Modernized Annuity Working Group (MAWG) models the importance of Settlers and First People working together for a shared understanding of Indigenous issues that affect our families, our communities and our country.

   MAWG was created in June 2019 with a mission of exploring the modernizing of Treaty annuities to determine if the idea could be supported historically and legally. If the answer was “yes”, we would examine what might be needed to make a modern annuity a reality. Then, armed with data and research, we would present our findings to Canadians to begin the necessary, respectful dialogue between Settlers and First People that is so crucial for reconciliation.


   An overview of our research, “A Modern Annuity for Canada—Concrete Reconciliation”, is scheduled for publication in the Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development, Volume 12, Issue 1, 2021, pp 92-110.


Read an IN BRIEF overview here.



Mission Statement

MAWG’s mission is to explore modernizing treaty annuities as a means of empowering First Nations families by honouring the intent of the Treaties to share the land,

in the spirit of reconciliation.

Meet our team

Modernized Annuity Working Group (MAWG)

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