first facts

  There's lots to learn and understand about modernized annuities, but that's exactly why MAWG's work is so important. And we're providing easy-to-access information so that you can learn along with us.


   Our first facts in English, French and Cree are a great place to get started.

   These one-page pdfs are a quick way to get up to speed on the basics of Treaty annuities, what they're all about, and how modernizing the annuities is such a powerful tool for empowering First Nations families and communities. Feel free to download first facts and to share them with your friends, colleagues, leaders and community.

first facts


5 reasons why Treaty annuities have not increased for nearly 150 years

Les faits en bref


Cinq raisons pour lesquelles les annuités découlant des traités n’ont pas été augmentées depuis près de 150 ans


In the works


In the works


MAWG is working with coalition partner,

the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg,

to explore the implications of a modern annuity.

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