Building blocks

   Modernizing Treaty annuities is both a revolutionary and practical idea, and MAWG appreciates the support of organizations and foundations in developing the research and community engagement necessary to lay a foundation upon which to build a modern annuity.

Frontier Centre for Public Policy (2019-2020)

   MAWG was grateful for the support of the Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation, Vancouver, BC, through the Frontier Centre for Public Policy to support the important research necessary to construct the building blocks for a modern annuity. MAWG also appreciated the enthusiasm of Peter Holle, president of FCPP, for his work in supporting a modern annuity.



Treaty Annuity Working Group (TAWG), Social Planning Council of Winnipeg (2002-2005)

   MAWG is building on the earlier work of the Treaty Annuity Working Group (TAWG), a special committee of the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg (SPCW), 2002-2005. TAWG was the first gathering of Indigenous and non-Indigenous community leaders to take a serious look at the implications of modernizing Treaty annuities. TAWG was supported by the Winnipeg Foundation, Thomas Sill Foundation and Canadian Shield Foundation.