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Our MARG team

Modernized Annuity Reference Group

   Modernizing treaty annuities has the potential for far-reaching effects on Canadian society, and particularly on vulnerable First Nations people. It is therefore prudent to carefully think through the many questions and issues at stake. To that end, MAWG welcomes the insights and advice of our Modernized Annuity Resource Group (MARG).

Greg Mason, MARG

Greg Mason

MARG, Economic advisor

Greg Mason is an associate professor of Economics at the University of Manitoba with research interests in urban reserves and economic development options for First Nations communities, as well as health economics and income security policies. He currently teaches courses in economic evaluation and research methods at the undergraduate and graduate level. For 25 years he was managing partner at PRA (Prairie Research Associates (Inc.) where he continues as a senior consultant. Greg is a new settler, relocating with his family to Canada from England when he was a child.

Bill Shead, MARG

Bill Shead

MARG, Strategic advisor, Partnerships

Bill Shead is a member of Peguis First Nation, chair of the Neeganin Centre in Winnipeg, a director of Indspire, and a 36-year veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy. Bill was one of 15 Indigenous sailors aboard HMCS Kootenay who escorted the Hosaqami totem pole, created by famed Kwakwaka'wakw carver Mungo Martin, from Canada to Portsmouth, England in 1960 as a gift from the Canadian navy to the Royal Navy. Bill was on-hand for the raising of the replica Hosaqami totem in the BC Government House gardens in 2012.

Paul Walsh headshot crop.jpg

Paul Walsh, QC

MARG, Community Impact advisor

Paul Walsh is Chair of the Board of Basic Income Manitoba. He’s had a lengthy career in law, which included a weekly commentary on CBC radio and CTV. Paul has invested a great deal of time and energy into the Winnipeg cultural community, serving as president of a number of community cultural boards, including The Manitoba Chamber Orchestra and Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers. He has also served on the boards of the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the United Way. Presently, he is on the Board of Prairie Fire magazine. Paul was born in Canada and refers to himself as Canadian; his parents were born in Canada; his grandparents were born in Ukraine.

Michael McCandless headshot crop.jpg

Michael McCandless

MARG, Legal advisor

Michael McCandless has worked for many years on organizational and governance structures in Canada and around the world. He played a key role in advancing the 2002 Misquadis v Canada case arguing that federal Indigenous policy discriminated against off-reserve and urban Indigenous people.

Guy Savoie, MARG

Guy Savoie

MARG, French language specialist

Guy Savoie is a Métis elder, a past president of lʼUnion Nationale Métisse Saint-Joseph du Manitoba, a member of the Treaty Annuity Group, past president of Le Festival du Voyageur, a founding member of La Brigade de la rivière Rouge and a past member of Winnipeg City council serving as the Executive Chair Person 1986-89.

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